The real name of Tanya Roberts is Victoria Leigh Blum. She was born in The Bronx on 15 October 1955. Although Roberts had dropped out of school at the early age of 15, she started her career as an actress at an early age in the ’70s. Through her hard work and determination, she catapulted to success and became a well-known actress as well as a producer.

Tanya Roberts is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million at her current age of 64. Her wealth is just one part of her story, there’s most to Roberts’ story.

Career Achievements

Tanya Roberts achieved a great deal in her career and has managed to maintain a career that spanned 30-40 years long. She was nominated twice for awards including the Bravo Otto award from Germany. She appeared many times in major magazines like Playboy magazine, iconic magazine, US Weekly magazines and in the Hollywood Reporter.

Family and Childhood

Her father, a salesman, was Irish and mother was Jewish. At Manhattan, Tanya’s father sold fountain pens to keep the family well cared for, but it was a difficult living to provide for the family. Finally the financial stress and other factors took a toll on Tanya’s parents and her parents had divorced when she was in high school. After the divorce, Tanya and her sister, Barbara, went to their mother’s place in Toronto.

Professional Life and Career

Tanya Roberts started her cover model career when she moved back to New York after a period of hitchhiking across the US. One of the first major things that Roberts did was to take up acting. She started an initial acting course under Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen. After that, she moved onto dance, and then subsequently modelling.

Tanya had her big break with television ads.  She took initiative on TV ads for Excedrin, and Cool Ray sunglasses. Tanya Roberts got a good name and fame in Hollywood by performing different characters. She met her husband Barry Roberts When she was young and proposed him at the subway station. They loved each other and got married. In 1977, Tanya and her husband transferred to Hollywood because Tanya’s husband was a scriptwriter. At the same time, she started to take part in a drama named  Fingers. She also played featured character in Zuma Beach in 1978, Pleasure Cove in 1979, and Waikiki in 1980. She was also featured on a computer CD game called The Pandora Directive in 1996. In 1998, she performed a lead role on That ’70s Show. In 2001, Tanya left the show because of her husbands illness.

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Tanya separated with her husband in the year 1981.

Tanya Roberts is currently not active on different social media platforms. Therefore, She does not hold any of the accounts to perform social activities on the social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. Currently, Tanya has a complete focus on her career only.

Body Measurements

Tanya’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. Her body weight is 58kg. She has blue eyes.

Movies & TV Shows

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels, produced by Aaron Spelling, is an American functional crime television series that of of three women crime-fighting heroes in a private detective. In this series, Roberts played the leading role of Jaclyn Smith. There are five seasons in this series and 110 episodes.

That 70s Show

Tanya Roberts appeared in the role of Midge Pinciotti on the television sitcom That ’70s Show in 1998. She told later that she left the series in 2001 because of her husband’s illness.

A View To Kill

Tanya Roberts played a role in the James Bond movie A View to a Kill (1985) movie, as a geologist.

Tourist Trap

Tanya Roberts also participated in Tourist Trap, a 1979 movie as a lead role. This movie was directed by David Schmoeller.

Body Slam

Body Slam is a comedy and worth to watch movie. The director of this movie is Hal Needham.


Roberts also played different roles to get fame quickly like in her leading role in Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. It’s a hybrid of action-adventure as well as drama that describes the tale of a female version of Tarzan. The director of this film is John Guillermin and it was written by Lorenzo Semple.