The English television and stage actor Andrew Buchan has a bunch of memorable roles in his career run. Whether it is Broadchurch‘s Latimer or Party Animal‘s Scott Foster, Buchan was successful in bringing life into his characters. Along with the series’, he also acted in a couple of television movies and stage dramas. His popularity considerably increased in 2005 with the American series Bones. Although he has a charismatic reel persona, Buchan loves to lead a private life, unnoticed. Let us have a detailed look at Britain’s one of the promising actors of this era.

Andrew Buchan

Net Worth

The forty-two-year-old actor’s income had a significant increase after 2019. With only acting as the source of income, Buchan has a net worth of $1.6 million in 2021. The increasing popularity of his shows is reflecting on his annual income well.

Andrew Buchan’s wife

Andrew Buchan married English actress and singer Amy Nuttel on 8th September 2012. Amy was Buchan’s long-term girlfriend from the year 2007. Both made their relationship public long before the marriage and in 2015 Buchan announced that they expecting their first baby.

“I’m very happy with someone at the moment. We’re hoping to buy a place together next year.” – Amy talked about Buchan in an interview when they were dating.

Early life

The large town Stockport in Greater Manchester is where Andrew Buchan was born but he grew up in the suburbs of Bolton. Buchan was an active student in school. He was the head boy of the Rivington and Blackrod High School where he did his elementary education. Buchan did many jobs at his young age before he turned into an acting career. He worked as a laborer, barman, and tour guide to earn money. He got chances to communicate with people from different strata of society while he was working in airports and hotels. He used his peculiar ways to entertain the tourists and give them company during his life as a tour guide in Granada Studios. Buchan’s graduation degree was in Modern languages in which he graduated from Durham University in the year 2001.  Later he went to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). It was during this period he shaped himself into an amazing actor.


Buchan’s venture in acting was initiated as a stage actor in Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. He played the role of Mercutio in the drama Romeo and Juliet in 2005. Although he shifted his focus into television shows, he appeared in stage dramas as well. Arthur Miller’s The Man Who Had All The Luck was another play that bagged him Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for Best Actor. The play was performed all over London in six weeks. Andrew Buchan also played the role of Bollingbroke in the drama Richard II which was performed in 2011 at Donmar Warehouse.

His television career kick-started with his appearance as the vicar, St John Rivers in the show Jane Eyre. Buchan’s next project was the political drama Party Animal in which he played the character of Scott Foster. In 2007 Andrew Buchan had two great projects waiting for him which were the British television series Cranford and The Whistleblowers where he appeared as Sean Knowles, a teacher. The character Dr. Ian Wexler in Season 4 of Bones, helped him to take a distinct place in the industry. The Fixer was Buchan’s debut as the main lead in a television series. The Fixer was released in 2008 on ITV1, the main character was John Mercer who was an assassin who kills criminals for money. The series was widely accepted and awarded the Royal Television Society’s award for Best Series. Andrew Buchan appeared as the character Fishwick in the movie Nowhere Boy directed by Sam Taylor Wood. It was also the biopic of English singer John Lennon. BBC’s period legal drama Garrow’s Law was a major milestone in Buchan’s acting career. He appeared in the title role as an 18th century English barrister William Garrow.

Buchan was quite all over the television in 2010 with a couple of projects on his list. These include Cranford Christmas Special, tv movie Abroad, and BBC’s The Nativity. Buchan also appeared in the documentary drama of the Laconia Incident streamed on BBC. Chriss Chibnall’s British serial crime drama Broadchurch was a great opportunity for the actor in Andrew Buchan. Buchan played the role of Mark Latimer, whose son was murdered. Broadchurch won several prestigious awards in 2013 and Buchan was awarded “Dagger” which was the award for best supporting role artist at the Crime Thriller Awards. His success in the role of Latimer also brought him the opening to present TV BAFTA awards along with Jodie Whittaker in 2013. Buchan’s romantic comedy film Having You was also premiered in the May of the same year.

The year 2013 was indeed an eventful year for Andrew Buchan. His cameo role in the much-acclaimed film Still Life doesn’t go unnoticed. It was also in the same year Buchan debuted as a producer. His first venture as a producer was the short film 1946 which talks about the life story of American actor Jimmy Stewart. His short film was recognized at the Williamsburg Film Festival of 2014 and won the Award of Distinction. His performance along with Maggie Gyllenhall in The Honourable Woman and ITV1’s Great Fire are his notable projects in 2014. In 2015 a much-awaited drama Home was announced with Andrew Buchan in the lead role but unfortunately, it was not aired. Buchan played the significant role of Franklin Clarke in the drama adapted from Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders. His role as the Brigadier Andrew-Parker Bowles in the series The Crown helped to increase his popularity worldwide. Andrew Parker was a rival for the Royal Family members in the series. The Crown was first released in 2019 and finished filming its fourth series in 2020. Andrew Buchan has two more films to his credit by the end of 2020, one of them is Swiss filmmaker Samir’s Baghdad in my Shadow and Intrigo: Samaria.

More than a stage and television actor, Buchan has shown his talents in voice acting also. He appeared as a voice actor in several radio dramas like The Great Gatsby and Dickens Confidential. He also performed in the radio drama based on Emile Zola’s novel Therese Raquin. With his mesmerizing and attractive voice, Buchan has worked in voice-over narratives, audiobooks, online role-plays, and reality shows.


Apart from celebrity status, Andrew Buchan loves to lead a less crowded life and loves to have conversations with people. He is a nice talker and storyteller, thanks to his voice-acting career.

“I would like to get back to making people laugh. Before drama school, I did nothing but comedy”– Andrew Buchan

As an actor, he loves to work on intriguing and challenging projects. Linear and predictable projects don’t amuse him and usually, he tries to avoid it. Within a short period, Buchan has got the opportunity to work with outstanding actors like Alun Armstrong, Peter Mullan, Matt Smith, and Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Buchan is one of the talented actors of Britain now, critics praise his performance on stage and television shows. Broadchurch‘s director Chriss had a great part in making Buchan’s role as Latimer look shockingly realistic. He had immense pressure on him when the first season of Broadchurch aired but it turned out to be a success.

“Very little gets offered to me. I have to audition and bawl my eyes out. For ‘Broadchurch’, the scene was Danny lying on the mortuary table. I can’t remember the last audition I had where I didn’t come out drenched in sweat, puffy-eyed.” – Andrew Buchan

The RADA graduate realized his dream in acting after exploring many areas. But Buchan has successfully made his dream come true through many memorable roles. He is waiting for more adventurous and promising roles in his future.

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