Jesse Meester Net Worth

Jesse Meester Net Worth
Jesse Meester Net Worth


Jesse Meester is one of the famous people born in Amsterdam, Netherland in 1992 20th December. He was born to Dutch parents but grew up as a white.  It, therefore, gave him a great desire to want to act and become like some of the famous people he knew. Not only professionally wise but also culture-wise.

He attained his degree in Applied Psychology in 2019 before deciding to venture and become a certified personal trainer. Aside from the usual personal training job he has subscribed to. He became so influential that he would even give speeches on how to create a positive mindset. This is the one of the things that made him create a name for himself. It also made so many people want to relate and get to lean from him.

He spent most of his early grade life in the military where he gained new knowledge of understanding people that have gone a long way in building up his acting career. This includes both in the reality show, and even in the film movies, he has acted in. it also gave him a profound disciplined character that has gone a long way in helping him deal with the media personality buzz that keeps coming his way.

It also boosted his public speaking skills that went a long way in engaging audiences when it came to life issues. At the age of 24, he was in a position to work with large crowds as if it was his second nature. The ability to know how to handle large crowds looking at him went a long way in his acting career and also his modeling career. It gave him great confidence.

 The only form of physical details that are available currently is that his height lies at about 1.9 m. The other features are yet to be known. This is, however, one of the many things that allowed him to be allowed into the military as many may be known by now. He has a natural blonde-looking hair.

His training on preciseness and keenness has contributed a long way in him trying his very best to keep his life out of the media. That is why it will be tough for you to get any of his details anywhere on the press.

Net worth

He is therefore accredited to have a net worth of around 1 M presently from the intense Reality Star position he usually plays on the public TV.  This is inclusive of the numerous films he has also been spotted acting in like the Free Fight.

 As a psychological and nutritional consultant, he was able to create several websites that have much helped him in reaching people. was famous for people who require directives on the philosophy of the body, mind and psychology. then become his first business link that publicized his merchandise and coffee to the international market. As per now these are his entrepreneurial endeavors as he is still trying to come up with several others.

He has won a number of achievements that have clearly impacted his influential nature on the world. In 2008 he won the Dutch Fitness Awards rating highest for Amsterdam. He appeared in the reality TV show TLC series 90 day Fiancé: Before the 90 days.

Some of the most recent rumors considering the significant number of posts on his Instagram page. We might just be seeing more of him on The Bachelorette. It will be a more solid booster from the 90-day fiancé that he was previously staring in.

This is a show that allows a single luck lady to find a partner from many listed suitors. Could Jesse be looking for a person to settle down with finally? His long time ties with Darcy may however hinder any serous thing for coming his way.


This is one topic that he has gone a long way in keeping it out of the knowledge of the public. The only form of family that we can tell is that he was married to Darcey Silva. They met on the TV show 90-day Fiancé. She, however, reappeared in the new season of the display 90 days fiancé: before the 90 days. In this show, she has broken up with Jesse and is off to some other person called Tom Brooks.

Jesse Meester Darcey Silva Net Worth
Jesse Meester Darcey Silva Net Worth

For quite a while they have both been shaming and throwing dirt about the other one, trying to prove why they eventually broke up. It should, however, be noted that Darcey was 44 years old at the time they were a couple. Presently, she is said to even be engaged to Tom after their breakup.

There are no reports of him having any children as per now with only a few notable instances where fans have showed the quire interest of wanting to sire children for him. We would however not be very sure because such people would go a long way in keeping such issues under water.


As a motivator and an entrepreneur, he keeps some qualities close to his heart such qualities are like growth, distinctiveness integrity, and passion. This has, however, not prevented some of the things that he has had to face over time.

On several occasions, he has been approached with interest in people wanting to rear children for him. The strangest thing even to him is that they are all strangers. His forthright personality has, however, not be enough security. But it is one of the reasons why he preferred to keep his life away from the digital world.

One interesting thing about Jesse is that he openly confessed that he prefers his women older and fleshy. His relationship with Darcy proved this. Presently the have been other claims that show that he has a new girl in his life who could very much be Darcy’s younger sister. The only difference between Hofit Golan and Darcy is that she is quite close to his age.


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