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 This is just one of any tell-tales about how someone can start a career from his or her interest at an early age. Daniel is, however, not far from this fact. His determination and hard work have gone and taken all his effort in making sure that he has maintained every single goal that he has set out to do. It is interesting what a 27-year-old can do when they decide to do it with all their heart.

He was born in Dillsburg Pennsylvania US on the October 30th, 1991. Danny DiPrima is one of the most famous footballers of his time. He is part of the group that is under the Scorpio star. He currently plays for the Harrisburg Heat and Major Arena Soccer League. Now, he is living in Wellsville, which gives him closer proximity to his training ground and the teams that he has been coaching over the years too.

Daniel is 6’0 in height as approximated by most of the people and 155 pounds in weight. This height, accompanied by the constant exercise he does, allows him to make a mark in the sports industry. It is one way or another helped in balancing his chances of making a living within the sports world.

The soccer games he has played over the years taught him the practical skills of patience, faith, and self-motivation. That was the only way he was going to be able to go past the defeats, the evil talks, and the injuries that followed him during his playing years.

He is also a professional psychologist having graduated from the University of North Carolina State. This is one of the great reasons why he has been able to handle the sports world more efficiently. It has also helped him to continue with his other line of duty, which includes training of the youth in the FC teams as one of the certified coaches.


He is the son of a Frank and Sherry DiPrima and brother to Jonathan DiPrima. They have been his highest motivators throughout his soccer life and have made it better for him to be able to excel in the world that he incredibly enjoys. They, however, have not been mentioned much concerning his soccer career over the years.

Nothing related to his love life has been put online. This makes him look like he has concentrated entirely on his professional work. But then we cannot be able to know much about it.

His coaches have even described Daniel as one of a kind soccer player. He follows instructions and is open to learn and help in whatever way that is possible. Such details will, however, be done by the TMZ and other channels or blogs that are quick on peoples personal lives.

Having been raised in free home, he was given a chance to decide on the school that he wanted to go to. He then chose St. John because he believed it would be the perfect place for him to harness his soccer dream and also build his academic experience in the best way possible.

Net worth

 Unlike many of the other soccer coaches that are available in the media industry, this specific character seems to have gone a long way in keeping his information slightly undisclosed for the public. It has, therefore, become quite hard for people to be able to calculate his net worth.

However, his playing for the club and his side gigs of coaching years including high school teams. This gives him an added advantages of earning more as well as being in a position to better his own game as he offers consultation services to whoever will be interested in his advice. It then happens to be a win-win situation.


In his football career, he is now playing position 4, which happens to be the midfielder position. He signed with the Harrisburg City Island in 2012 arch 27th where he is still playing today. He previously also played for the JBS FC that is in Westchester New York. He was fortunate enough to be in the team that helped in leading the group to Tournament Titles at the Disney Soccer Showcase.

David started his soccer games in high school at Northern High School coached by Russ Saucer. He then went on to play college soccer at the St. John University in 2010 before moving to North Carolina State University until 2013. He then was able to climb rank and manage to sign with the USL Pro Club Harrisburg on March 7th, 2014.

DiPrima’s level of excellence in the field of soccer has helped him earn several coaching jobs. This is inclusive of the head coach at Redland High School between the years of 2015- 2017. It is during this period that the boys were able to make it to their first playoffs since the teams that played in 2011.

 This was a big win for Daniel, especially since at this time he was still nursing a terrible cruciate ligament issue on his right knee. It had even prevented him from helping out his team through the stretch for a comeback in the championships. He was lucky enough to find people who were willing to make use of his skills despite not being in a perfect position to play the game yet.

 He has also played a significant role in training the Keystone FC premier team which helped to raise their rankings to the 25th position in the Pennsylvania East Rankings.

It is through these impressive accomplishments that he has been renowned all over the world as a reputable person, with a high rate of influence over the youths more than anyone that we know of at that age. It is an essential skill that he has been able to master over the years to boost his ability to mentor train coach and motivate people who have made it a choice to look up to him in the field of soccer.