Joet Gonzalez Boxer, Sister, Net Worth

Joet Gonzales Net Worth Sister Boxing
Joet Gonzales Net Worth Sister Boxing

Joet is a boxer who was born in 1993 at Glendora California in the United States. He is 25 years old has a height of 5’6 and weighs 126lbs. His first debut was on 7th July 2012. He owns a 14KOs record. He is from a humble background and despite the challenges faced he turned out to be a great boxer. Currently, Joet is residing in Los Angeles where he began his career as a boxer.

Joet’s net worth is something that is to be estimated to be around the $100k mark. This may be seem surprising but keep in mind that the average earnings of a boxer that is not top tier is not extremely high as there is a sharp pyramid in the earnings outlook. Considering his overall career and family, his outlook is bright. You can find out more below.


His parents are Sofia Gonzalez and Jose Gonzalez. He has five siblings that are Jayson, Jonjairo, Jaylene, Jousce, and Jajaira. His parents struggled to bring them up due to financial constraints. However, the parents made sure they did not lack the basic need. His father used to hand out flyers outside a jail in Los Angeles. 

This was a means to feed his family and ensure they have shelter and cloths as well. Her mother was not a stay at home wife. She also went out to fend for the family. However, despite the struggle, the parents together with his sibling traveled to see his first title match at the age of 13 back in 2007.

Though cash was a big problem for the family he made sure that the whole family was there to support him. The match was being held in Kansas City which was a bit far from where they lived in California.  

The father Jose borrowed a credit loan while the mother pawned gold to make sure they have the money to take them to Kansa City and back. The support that Joet received fueled his ambition and he did win the match. This marked the beginning of his career as a boxer.

Joet Gonzales Net Worth Sister Boxing
Joet Gonzales Net Worth Sister Boxing

From a humble background, he rose to be one of the famous and a young WBO featherweight champion. This is something that inspires many people across the world and his family was the best support system he had. The dad doesn’t regret taking up the loan since it was the best thing he had done. If he didn’t taken up the credit loan than he would have denied his son a chance of a life time.


 His career started back in 2007 in Kansa City. However, his first debut into the ring was on 7th July 2012. He was 18 years old when he first won a match against Jesus Carmona. He won the match through unanimous decision which marked his journey as a boxer.   

He has taken part in 24 matches but won 23 matches of them. He lost this match to Shakur Stevenson on October 26th, 2019. It was the first loss he had encountered in his entire career.

He has never had draws in all the matches he took part in. He loved the game and always worked extra hard to ensure he is the last man standing in the ring. His passion is something we still find amazing up to date.   

Joet Gonzalez sister Jajaira Gonzalez

She is four years younger than Joet and also she has been in the spotlight. During her teenage years, she was one of the most promising young female boxers and even won two national championships. She even bagged a Youth Olympic medal in China.

Later she joined the army after failing to qualify for the Women’s Olympics in 2016. This did not stop her passion and she continued to box for the Army team. That said Jajaira had also been on the spotlight for dating his bothers competitor Shakur Stevenson.

 Their relationship was kept under wraps and when her family came to know about it they were disappointed. Once Joet knew this he couldn’t see eye to eye with Shakur and even considered him not to be the perfect guy for his sister.

The father Jose was not a happy person after finding out. He claims to have known about the relationship through her social media account. It is something that did not please him at all. This is because she lied to him as when asked she claimed to be friends with Shakur but not his girlfriend.

Shakur even asked Jajaira to organize for a sparring session with her family. This was to help him get into the good books of the Gonzalez family. However, that was not the case since earning the family’s respect proved to be an uphill task. The Father claimed that Stevenson was humiliating his son in public and that did couldn’t accept.   

Shakur continued with the relationship despite the resentment he was getting from the girl’s family. He struggled to have a meaningful conversation with his girlfriend for three years. In 2019 Jajaira quit her boxing career after losing a match. She even went further to quit the army as well which made Joet even angrier.

However, Shakur still claims he was the one who molded her to be what she was at that time. This is a statement that did not go well with the Gonzalez family. Joet blamed Shakur for her downfall.  

In the same year, Shakur showed up in Gonzalez gym looking to spar with Joet. However, he met his father Jose and he was not pleased with him at all despite liking him in the past. He claimed that Stevenson acted disrespectfully to him.

Net worth 

Looking at the average income that a boxer was supposed to make it is between $20-$40k. Having the entire variable in mind, Joet’s net worth is estimated to be about $100k taking into account some of his other estimated assets.

We know that isn’t the figure you expected the famous boxer to earn. However, his net worth is expected to grow over the years. The family is even looking forward to move into  a new house in the future. This is proof that his net worth is growing by the day      

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