Michael Joseph Pennington, who is better known as Johnny Vegas, is English actor and comedian. He is best known for starring in the ITV comedy called Benidorm and previously was also known for playing a sidekick named “Monkey”.

Early Life

Vegas was born on 11 September 1971, in Thatto Heath, St Helens, Lancashire. He attended St. Joseph’s College in Upholland. His family being believers as Roman Catholics sent their children to a Catholic boarding-school. Vegas is not an only child, he has three elder siblings namely Mark, Robert, and Catharine. Later on after finishing his high school studies, Vegas went to Middlesex University where he would study arts and ceramics.

He then started working on a similar field which matched his academics working at several jobs that didn’t where he didn’t stay glued to an organization. Some of his jobs included working at a firm called Argos, a warehouse and later a factory called Jif. In his free time, Vegas loved to indulge himself into comedy. He was a member of the Cluub Zarathustra where they would have performances periodically.


One of his earliest appearances in the field of television for which he is known today came in 1996. He was a contestant at a show called Win, Lose, or Draw in the United Kingdom. Even at this time, he had already made it clear about the dreams he had of becoming a comedian and even referred the name Johnny Vegas to be recognized with. His road to making a career in comedy didn’t happen overnight, it was a gradual process.

He got an opportunity to appear in a show called The Big Breakfast in 2002 and would later also get a brief show time among the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups list featured by Channel 4. He went on to have appearances in shows like Almost Famous 2, Shooting Stars, Weakest Link, and the sitcom Night Class. The latter one helped him to establish his name early on among users who watched the show.

This led to him getting a starring role in the sitcom called Ideal. Many came to know him on a mainstream level after this as it was not a one off show but rather a series in which Vegas made his presence felt for more than 6 years. Along with his performance for this show, he was also managing time to appear in the sitcom called Benidorm.

He appeared in this series from 2007 to 2009 and was a big hit among a wide array of audiences. This cemented his name among comedy enthusiasts who fell in love with Vegas and the skills he possessed to hold on to an audience.

He has gone on to play an important role of David Walliam’ in the children’s novel called Mr. Stink. His recent works also include voicing Fat Vaz in the animated sitcom called Warren United as well as being a part of a documentary series called Secrets from the Clink. He has also played starring roles in Neverwhere as well as Still Open All Hours.

Johnny Vegas Net Worth

Johnny has amassed quite a fortune during his career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2018. Most of his earnings are derived from his acting career that is primarily filled by series. With the rise of his popularity he also got the chance to appear in a series of great films that grossed millions in the box office. Some of his notable appearances on television are in Ideal, Bleak House, Moone Boy, Red Dwarf, and Still Open All Hours.

At the peak of his career, he even had endorsement deals which he worked on through numerous numbers of advertisements. Currently, he is the main attraction for the show called Home from Home which encompasses a couple who achieve their life long dream of buying a lodge in the Lake District.

Johnny Vegas Net Worth in 2015$4 million
Johnny Vegas Net Worth in 2016$5 million
Johnny Vegas Net Worth in 2017$8 million
Johnny Vegas Net Worth in 2018$10 million

Personal Life

Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy

Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy

Vegas has been married two times. In 2002, he tied the not with Catherine Donnelly but their marriage ended in divorce in 2008. The, Vegas went on to marry columnist and television producer Maia Dunphy who he is currently with. Together, they also have a child. Vegas has had a very successful career and now looks to be reaping the rewards with a fulfilling family life.


Full Name: Michael Joseph Pennington

Nick Name: Michael Pennington, Johnny Vegas

Date of Birth: September 11, 1971

Born Place: Thatto Heath, St Helens, United Kingdom

Age: 46 years

Occupation: Actor, Comedian

Spouse: Maia Dunphy (2011-present); Catherine Donnelly (2002-2008)

Height: 1.7 m

Net Worth: $10 million