Sajid Javid is a British Conservative Party politician who formerly worked in the world of investment banking at Deutsche Bank. Most recently, he has also been appointed as the Home Secretary in April of 2018. He was previously also the Member of Parliament for Bromsgrove 8 years ago.

Early Life

Javid was born on December 5, 1969 in Rochdale, Lancashire. He is actually from Pakistani descent with his father raising him and his four other children with his profession as a bus driver. Even from a young age, Javid had already developed interests in the fields that would later go on to be areas where he would possess expertise in.

Even at the tender age of 14, he had already developed a big interest towards the financial market. He was the type of person who took action as well starting to invest in stocks with a borrowed sum of £500 from a bank.

Javid completed his studies from Downend School and later studied at the Filton Technical College. He would eventually go on to major in economics and politics at University of Exeter graduating in 1991. It is also at this same time that he would become active in his current field of politics being a member of the Conservative Party in University.


He started his career in Banking at Chase Manhattan Bank. He quickly rose up the ranks and by the age of 25 had already gotten the position of Vice-Chairman. Later, he would decide to join Deutsche Bank as a director starting in the year 2000. There too, he became a major personality eventually becoming a board member. With him having achieved massive success in this field, he decided in 2009 that it was time to get active in his another interest which was politics.

This was his official entry into politics. However, even during his busy banking career, he had campaigned for several causes that he believed in developing important networks when he finally arrived inside politics. After the recognition of Julie Kirkbride as MP for Bromsgrove, a selection contest was held in which Javid received more than 70% of the votes.

With time, Javid quickly garnered growth in this new field of his as well being a part of the list of “Top 100 most influential figures from the Right by The Daily Telegraph. With time, his name grew exponentially with Forbes magazine even suggesting in an article about how he might become a future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In 2015, after the general election, Javid was appointed as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills in the new Conservative majority government under Prime Minister David Cameron. With his previous experience in banking, he proved to be an important asset for the government where he had a significant impact. Most recently, after the resignation of Amber Rudd, he has been appointed as the Home Secretary.

Sajid Javid Net Worth

Javid has made the majority of his money through his career in banking and more specifically with Deutsche Bank. It has been speculated that at the peak of his career, Javid was able to net around $3 million every year at the bank with the majority of the earnings being in the form of Bonuses in order to minimize taxes.

Sajid Javid net worth today has been estimated to be at $9 million as of 2018. It looks like Javid is not looking to make any more money as salaries in his current position do not even cross $100,000.

Personal Life

Javid first met his wife, Laura King when they were still only students. They went on to marry in 1997 and together they have four children together, one son and three daughters. Though Javid comes from a Muslim background, he himself admits that he does not practice any specific religion.


Full Name: Sajid Javid

Date of Birth: December 5, 1969

Born Place: Rochdale, United Kingdom

Profession: Politician

Age: 48 years

Parents: Abdul Ghani-Javid, Zubaid Javid

Wife: Laura Javid

Children: Rania Javid, Sophia Javid, Suli Javid, Maya Javid

Height: 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm

Net Worth: $9 million