Michael Lamar White IV, who is better known as Trippie Redd is an American rapper and singer. In a short span of time, Trippie Redd has become the talk of the town in the scene of hip-hop mainly for producing super hit songs like “Love Scars”, which started it all for him to help establish Trippie Redd Net Worth. Other than this hit, he has also had the songs “Poles1469” and “Dark Knight Dummo” certified as gold by the RIAA.

Early Life

White was born on June 18, 1999, in Canton, Ohio.He was raised by a single mother because of the circumstances of his father serving time in jail. His mother played a big part in his rearing and would be a mode of inspiration for him to get interested into music. His mother was a big fan of artists like Beyonce and Tupac Shakur. White himself started listening to such artists and would eventually find role models in the stars of his generation, which included names like T-Pain, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne.

As a kid, he moved several times to Columbus from Ohio. At a young age, he was inspired by Taevion Williams who gave him that motivation needed to get his career going after he sadly died in an untimely car accident. The death of one of his most inspirational artists gave White the push he needed to start pursuing his career in music more seriously. The rapper wrote his first song when he was only 14 years of age and later released songs like “Sub-Zero” and “New Ferrari” in 2014.  Trippie Redd net worth can be found below.


The early releases  helped him understand about the industry and helped him learn a lot as those pieces of work were not close to the quality that they are today. Lil Wop is said to have helped him tremendously to get started on a professional level which he is very appreciative of today. He recorded three projects. These were Awakening the Inner Beast, Beast Mode and Rock the World Trippie. These were three very successful projects that included many hit singles and the accumulation of the hard work has since paid off handsomely. These have been the foundation that have helped him to eventually get big upon the mainstream audience of hip hop.

“Love Scars” was his breakthrough single. This was the song that attracted a lot of attention towards him and he had a group of mentors who were there to help him capitalize upon peak popularity as well. The song was part of his debut mixtape called A Love Letter to You. Part of the success of the mixtape was primarily because of the popularity of this single. This song had received more than 13 million hits on Soundcloud and was a big stepping stone in his career.

This would go on to be the start of many important projects in Redd’s career.  He then released a second mixtape in continuation to his first titled, A Love Letter to You II. This debuted at number 34 on the Billboard 200 which was a big milestone in his career. He also did a collaboration EP with one of his closest mentors, Lil Wop.

His popularity seems to be increasing tremendously now as even the top rappers today seem to wanna make songs with him. In late 2017, Redd did a song with Travis Scott called “Dark Knight Dummo”. He has since then gone on to release popular songs like “TR666” and “18”. Recently, he announced that he is currently focusing his attention on his debut studio album which will include collaborations with legends like Lil Wayne and Erkah Badu.

Trippie Redd Net Worth

It is estimated that Trippie Redd Net Worth is north of $6 million dollars. This is a huge achievement if we look at his age and the time he has been present inside the hip-hop arena. Such a feat at a young age is very rare and it looks to only be the start of some large spikes that are to come as his fan base increases more and more. He has already been able to buy his mother a house worth $300,000.  With further hits, Trippie Redd net worth has room to grow.

His confidence and belief in himself is one of the core reasons why he looks to be the next sensation in hip-hop. His work correlates with other stars who have risen significantly this past year including the likes of Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Pump.He is currently signed with a label that is owned by the son of UMG Chairman Lucian Grainge.

Personal Life

Redd’s life has definitely not been a walk in the park. He grew up without a nurturing father and lost a brother in a fatal car accident in 2014. He has had a long standing feud with 6ix9ine (see 6ix9ine or Tekashi69 Net Worth), who is also an aspiring rapper. Though they have even done a song together, their taste for friendship disappeared after Redd reportedly claimed that 6ix9ine was a paedophile. Later, Redd was attacked in a hotel in New York by one of the opposing rapperr’s team member.

They have continually been dissing each other on social media with the latest development claiming that Trippie Redd had sexual relations with a 15 year old named Danielle Bregoli, who is famously known as Bhad Bhabie.