If you were born in the 60s or 70s, you may remember Amanda Bearse from the iconic show – “Married..with Children” from the 90s, where she played the neighbor Marcy Rhodes. The show began airing in 1987 in the United States and went until 1997.  Amanda Bearse all but disappeared after her last appearance in Anger Management back in 2013. Well, here we talk about what she has been up to since then and why we don’t see her anymore and including her net worth

So, what is Amanda Bearse Net Worth?

We all know that it is no big deal for the top Hollywood celebrities to take six-figure or even seven-figure salaries home. Amanda Bearse is no exception since she has amassed great wealth owing to her memorable roles in famous movies. Amanda Bearse is worth is estimated to be about $16 million. But wait, there is more to Amanda Bearse’s personality. For instance, do you know that she came out as a lesbian in 1993 while she was still a cast member of “Married..with children”? Amanda Bearse has had a good run as one of the most popular sitcom actresses of her time. Let’s take a look at her life and work.

Things About Amanda Bearse You Don’t Know

There is a lot about the 90s actress that you may be unaware about. Here are some of the key, relatively unknown details about her:


While she is well-known for starring in the popular Married…with children, she also took up the challenge of working as a director on numerous episodes of the show. Between 1991 and 1997, she directed over 30 episodes of the show.

She came out as a lesbian in the 90s

Amanda Bearse came out as a lesbian in 1993, and her announcement made huge waves since she was the first primetime actress to do so. Her move was warmly welcomed by her fellow cast members who not only supported her but showed solidarity – a response that was rare back then.

Amanda Bearse Net Worth Married With Children Lesbian
Amanda Bearse Net Worth Married With Children Lesbian

Leaving the industry

The reason Bearse has been missing from the screen for the past many years is that she is busy enjoying her life away from the spotlight. Bearse retired to Los Angeles with her family – longtime partner Carrie and their daughter – Zoe. She makes occasional appearances in small-time productions but hasn’t done a major role since the past many years.

Life after Retirement

Bearse joined now teaches aspiring actors at the Seattle Film Institute, where she serves as an instructor for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Moreover, she maintains a constant presence at horror movie conventions and comic cons. Amanda Bears hasn’t completely bid adieu to the showbiz, though. She has been making regular appearances in Broadway productions, seminars, and events as recent as 2019.

Amanda Bearse Net Worth Married With Children Lesbian
Amanda Bearse Net Worth Married With Children Lesbian

Here is some of her recent Broadway related work:

The wendy chronicles (2019)

A tribute to the famed feminist playwright and Pulitzer prize winner Wendy Wassertein

Putting it Togeather (2019)

A seminar conducted by the Broadway association of producers, on various production-related processes.

Party Face (2018)

A comedy based on a housewarming party that results in loads of laughter once it gets out of control.

Early life

Amanda Bearse was born in Florida but raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended Young Harris College and Rollins College. Later, she received her associate of arts degree from Young Harris college.


Bearse trained as an actor under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner. She achieved initial success with her role on All my Children between 1982 and 1983. Before catching her big break as Marcy Rhoades on Fox’s hit sitcom – Married with Children, she had appeared in several B-list movies including Fright Night which ultimately achieved classic cult status. Alongside acting, Bearse also directed some 31 episodes of the show. She also served as the director of various episodes of the following shows:

Amanda Bears is an accomplished director having produced and directed all episodes of “The Big Gay Sketch Show” on LOGO, which was on air for three seasons.

In a career that spans over twenty-five years, Amanda Bears boasts an impressive resume with her works ranging from Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Paramount and 20th Century Fox, to various other networks.

Family Life

Having been a lesbian publicly since the 90s, Amanda Bearse tied the know with Carrie Schenken in 2010 after dating for 17 years and adopted two daughters.

Philanthropy and Causes

Amanda Bearse marched with the LGBT community to commemorate the Stonewall riots and spoke to a large crowd of people from the LGBT community. Since then, Bearse has been an active campaigner and a vocal advocate for the LGBT people. She even made a PSA after agreeing to be the first representative for the “National Coming Out Day” campaign.

Notable Movies

Here are some of the noteworthy movies that Amanda Bearse worked in, during a career that spanned almost two decades.

  • Protocol – 1984
  • Fright Night – 1985
  • The Doom Generation – 1995
  • Ladies’ Man – 2000
  • Hotel – 1986

Notable TV shows

Here are some of the mention-worthy TV shows that Amanda Bearse is widely known and regarded for:

  • Married … with Children – 1987-1997
  • All My Children – 1982-1984
  • Nikki – 2001
  • Anger Management – 2013 

It is hard to say whether or not Amanda Bearse will make a comeback since it all depends upon her desire to do so. But, we can say with certainty that the audiences will always revere her for her memorable performances and miss her on the TV screens.Here is what she had to say when inquired about the matter, “It was great fun, and my career has stayed behind the camera in comedy, and it works for me,” Bearse says, “but I wouldn’t hold my breath on a reunion… I seriously doubt it.”