Ant Anstead Net Worth 2019, Wife Louise, Height, Police Career

Ant Anstead Net Worth Wife Height
Ant Anstead Net Worth Wife Height

Ant Anstead, or by his full name Anthony Richard Anstead, is a TV celebrity that also multiple facets to his career including being a semi-professional football (soccer) player, a policeman, and also he’s an author.  Currently he’s most well known for designing and building cars.  Ant Anstead net worth 2018 is reported widely to be $100k, but in fact is expected to be much higher based on his directorship of his multiple companies.

Ant Anstead was born in Plymouth, United Kingdom in Mar 1979.  

Ant Anstead Height

Anstead’s height is approx 6 foot 2 (187cm)

Ant Anstead Football Career

Anstead was a semi-professional soccer / football player who played over 700 games over a 15 year period. He played as a right foot striker for the Aylesbury United Football Club where he scored over 80 goals for one period of time.

Ant Anstead Police Career

After school, Anstead joined the police force in place called Hertfordshire where he was part of the police force from 1999 until 2005. He’s quoted as growing up loving cop shows on TV. The location has about 1.5m citizens and is policed by a force of about 4000 staff including Anstead at the time. It was during this time that Anstead became part of the Tactical Firearms Unit which was quite a feat at his age at the time.

It was during this time that his love of police cars. He eventually wrote a book called Cops and Robbers: The History of the British Police Car which can be found on Amazon. It’s a story about how when criminals started to steal cars or use them as getaway vehicles, then how the police had to stay ahead by having their own pursuit capabilities

Ant Anstead Net Worth 2019

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Ant Anstead Net Worth from his Companies

Since the late 2000s, Anstead has been a director of multiple companies which has had assets in the hundreds of thousands, supporting the estimate of Ant Anstead net worth being much greater than 100k:

  1. Director of Evanta Motor Co, assets of $600k USD (2008)
  2. Director of Reflect Bodyworks Ltd, assets of $250k usd  (2016)
  3. Director of Dowsetts Classic Car Co Limited, assets of $300k usd (2015)
  4. Director of ANT Anstead Limited, a television production company director with his wife Louise, assets of $40k usd (2014)
  5. Director of Antkahn Limited, uk based company for manufacturing of cars with a Afzal Kahn.  Assets of $140k usd (2014)

For the love of cars  (2014-2016)

Anstead was the co-host of this car series which shows British and European cars and the social side of these cars with co-host Philip Glenister.  Each show had a particular themed car which was to be restored.  The interesting format included Glenister focusing on the social side while Anstead would focus on the restoration work.  Anstead used his company Evata Motor Co which Anstead was a director and was liquidated in 2015 to perform the restorations.  In the second season, Anstead and Glenister went on to find restoration projects that had not completed and they would continue with the work and sell the car, with the proceeds going to the previous owner.

Buildings cars live (2015)

In this BBC2 show Anstead was a cohost with Kate Humble and James May (fame of Top Gear) and focused on how cars are built.  The TV show dives into the car industry in Britain and specifically at a car factory in Oxford and goes through the whole car manufacturing cycle .

The worlds most expensive cars (2016)

This was a 10 part show that was run on Channel 4 in the UK and was about astronomically expensive cars.  Each episode detailed a handful of cars and highlighted how enthusiasts would pay anywhere from $10-$20m USD for a car.  The first episode showcased the Shelby Cobra, Bugatti and a Alfa Romeo. 

Wheeler Dealers (2017)

This show which aired in 2017 had Anstead joining with a minor bit of controversy where the previous host Ed China left and someone had to fill fairly large shoes.  Many highlighted that Anstead actually did a better job than China and became quite popular.  The premise of the show is to focus on a car and then perform a restoration on a budget and then sell to a new owner. 

Ant Anstead Wife Louise

Anstead was famously married to Louise Anstead after they started dating in the 1990s and then got married initially by 2005. They had two kids together – a daughter and a son. However, by 2017 they were divorced.

Ant Anstead Wife Christina

Anstead had married Christina El Moussa by 2018. Christina is the host of Flip or Flop a real estate show where the hosts, Christina El Moussa and now divorced husband Tarek El Moussa make over houses. Christina
divorced Tarek in Jan 2017 after seeing Doug Spedding for a period of time. Christina also has a daughter and son like Anstead. They both live together in Newport Beach, California.

Ant Anstead Charity Work

Anstead was invited to be a patron of the Harissons Fund which he graciously accepted. The foundation devotes efforts to Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is a ailment which causes muscle loss which can start as early as the age of 4 where by the of age 12 kids are unable to walk. There are no known cures but this can be helped with surgery. It affects 1 in 5000 males. Anstead has been a part of this charity since 2012.

Ant Anstead Net Worth 2019

Ant Anstead Net Worth is reported in many places as being $100k USD, however there is evidence it should be much more than that. To begin with Anstead and his ex-wife own two properties that are worth over $1m USD (property 1 and property 2). Although based on his listed companies, it does show that Ant Anstead Net Worth of $130k USD, however this does not include his direct income.


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