Claire Abbott is a musician and former social media influencer. She raked up hundreds of thousands of followers on social media sites very quickly for her beauty and body but later disappeared mysteriously leaving her followers hanging for answers.

Early Life

Claire Abbot was born on the 22nd of January, 1998, in Canada. Very little is known about the details of her upbringing as she mainly communicated through her posts on social media platforms without much interaction about her life. However, she always had a big interest in poetry from a young age and used to work on it a lot.


Claire Abbott posted a couple of bikini pictures of herself on Facebook. Over the span of such a couple of weeks, thousands started to follow her. She continued posting photos of herself. Her cute face and amazing body was an instant hit among a lot of users. Once, she started gaining a few thousand users following her, it quickly accumulated over a very quick period.

It is hard to know if she ever intended for her to be a Social media influencer. The idea of social media influencers was still in its early stage and definitely not a big thing like it is today. Only well-known celebrities coming from mainstream media used to have large followings but Abbott was proving this concept wrong.

But in her mind, rather than being a model, her main goal was to be a musician. People loved her photos but she wanted people to love her music as well. She started to use other platforms like Youtube which were a lot more friendly to videos as Instagram wasn’t as video friendly as it is now. One of the songs she posted was called “Fighter” which quickly raked up a lot of views because of her strong fan following. She also used to write short pieces of poetry that many of her fans adored.

Claire Abbott Net Worth

Her net worth is still under review. Her rise to fame even caught the eyes of big brands including who wrote an article about her. This further elevated her following. For many want to be influencers this might have seemed to be a breakout, but Claire might not have intended to have such a high level of exposure to the entire Internet.

With fame also came the reality that a lot of creepy people started to stalk her. She probably would have received a lot of flirty messages from guys for the hot pictures she was posting. This might be one of the reasons why she deactivated her Instagram account. She might have felt that it was not worth the level of public exposure that she was receiving and might have felt a level of insecurity over her personal life.

Personal Life

In 2015, Claire Abbott was spotted partying with Dan Bilzerian. He too is a social media influencer who was rich through an inheritance and known for his lavish lifestyle. They were rumored to even be dating for a short time. She mentioned to her fans that she loved dancing and that her favorite sport was Figure skating which she loved watching on TV. She also mentioned that her favorite song is Allen Stone’s “Unaware”.


Full Name: Claire Abbott

Nick Name: Claire

Date of Birth: January 22, 1998

Age: 20 years old

Born Place: Canada

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Profession: Instagram star

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 61 kg or 135 pounds

Body Measurements: 39-25-37 inches

Net Worth: Under Review