Craig Lauzon is a member of the Royal Canadian Air Farce and a Canadian actor, writer, and comedian. George Stroumboulopoulos, John Baird, Justin Trudeau, and Stephen Harper are among his prominent caricatures on the Farce. Lauzon is of English and Ojibwa origin and was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He formerly worked as an artistic associate with Native Earth Performing Arts, Canada’s oldest First Nations performing arts organization. In 2011, he co-starred in a performance of Kenneth T. Williams’ Thunderstick with Lorne Cardinal, in which the two played opposite each other on alternate days. 

In 2012, he played Kent in the National Arts Centre’s all-Aboriginal production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, alongside August Schellenberg as Lear, Tantoo Cardinal as Regan, Jani Lauzon in a dual role as Cordelia and the Fool, and Billy Merasty as Gloucester. His other credits include appearances on The Seán Cullen Show, The Ron James Show, and Fool Canada, as well as the films Ham & Cheese, Damaged Goods, and Bull, the television series Trickster, and appearances on The Seán Cullen Show, The Ron James Show, and Fool Canada. 

Net Worth

Craig Lauzon is one of Canada’s wealthiest actors. Craig Lauzon has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to Forbes and Business Insider. 

His role in Trickster

Craig Lauzon plays the role of Phil in Trickster. In Trickster, Phil is a supporting character. With the return of Phil’s old acquaintance, Wade, he is Jared’s deadbeat father, whose patronage of Jared is called into doubt. In the first episode, Jared pays a visit to Phil, who offers him to stay with him. Phil reminds Jared that he’s off the painkillers when Jared gives him money for rent and clothes but nothing else. He keeps the money anyhow, stating that it’s merely temporary until his disability payments are increased. Destiny, Phil’s girlfriend, emerges from the bedroom but goes to the bathroom to vomit. He claims that Jared’s mother was the only lady who could keep up with him. Maggie is completely ignorant of Jared’s visits, as Jared informs Phil. 

Jared rides his bike back to Phil’s house, where he finds him yelling on the phone and organizing a party with the same caller. He senses Jared’s mood and gently requests for a portion of the money he gave him back. Jared is approached by Destiny, who invites him to extend his hand for a surprise. She places a pregnancy test in his hand, informing him that she’s expecting a child and that he’ll be a brother. Jared is taken aback and advises Phil to disregard his request for the money back. Phil requests for more money before he can leave because he’s going to be a parent. Jared tells Phil cautiously that he’ll see what he can do.

Phil is a middle-aged man with dark brown hair and round brown eyes who is of average height. Despite his purported affection of Jared, he bears no resemblance to the adolescent. Phil is dressed casually in baggy jeans, a hoodie, and an old band tee.

Phil is the epitome of a slacker father who continues to be involved in his child’s life. Most of his whims are ruled by his partying character. He doesn’t hesitate to take money from Jared, and when he finds that he’s “going to be a father now,” he even asks for more. According to Maggie, Phil is a user beyond his previous addiction to opiates.


Craig Lauzon is married. His wife is a voice artist. He is the father of two sons. 

Craig Lauzon in Air Farce

Ottawa is a city that has grown in recent years In 1996, Craig Lauzon debuted in the alternative sketch comedy scene. He was nominated for the Tim Sims Encouragement Award in 1999 and landed a regular role on Chez Carla on The Comedy Network. Following that, he co-wrote and starred in The Chick and Cubby Comedy Hour, which was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best New Play. His own one-hour show for The Comedy Network, Ham I Am, was also nominated for a CCA. He is a member of Tonto’s Nephews, a sketch comedy ensemble whose members all have Native-Canadian ancestors. He was described as “Great Canadian comedy, fast and sassy with weird moments of brilliance,” according to Craig’s characterizations.

He felt like a kid at a candy store in Royal Canadian Air Farce. With a painful stomach, I’m grateful and giddy. Initially, he aspired to be a hockey player, specifically a goaltender. He assumed that wouldn’t happen after allowing a bouncing puck to flip in from center. He shifted his attention to linebacker in football. Football was his passion, but once bitten by the acting bug, that was it. Everything else seemed insignificant in comparison. He dropped out of school band, badminton team, football squad, and everything else. 

He enjoys performing, being in front of an audience, and feeling the audience’s reaction when you have them in the palm of your hand. When he went to have a coffee one day, he ran into Nina Lee Aquino. She directed him in Passe Muraille’s production of “The Drawer Boy,” in which he portrayed Angus. Even though there were some small houses, he said that he could feel the audience’s enthusiasm and that they truly connected with Angus at every performance. It’s all about the human connection.

He’s a fantastic father. He is the father of two sons. He has dual custody with their mother, who used to live in Barrie but currently lives in Thornhill. His wife’s family owns a lovely cottage near Ottawa. They come to the cottage on a regular basis. He is a big fan of rugby league and Australian Rules football. In Toronto, they have a team. He spends a lot of time with his wife, who has recently resumed work. She is employed in the field of production. 

“I love to hear people laugh. There is no better sound to me. In life there is so much to make people cry, I think it’s great that I get the opportunity to get people to laugh”- Craig Lauzon

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