Jennifer Garner Net Worth, Husband, Children, Height

Jennifer Garner Net Worth, Husband, Children, Height

Jennifer Garner is an American actress, producer, activist, and entrepreneur. Garner was made popular by her performance as the CIA operative Sydney Bristow in the TV show Alias from which she received huge accolades such as a Screen Actors Guild Award by a female performance in a drama series, a Golden Globe Award for television drama, and four Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Jennifer is also an active promoter of early childhood education and an advocate for the anti-paparazzi campaigns for the benefit of celebrity children.

Jennifer Garner

As of early 2020, Jennifer Garner’s net worth is estimated at around $80 million. While she is also involved in other businesses outside of the entertainment industry, Jennifer mostly made her lifetime income in making movies and TV shows.

Net Worth

The Pacific Palisades Mansion

The property was previously owned by the cosmetics heir and entrepreneur Dean Factor. The place was listed for $14.485 million and sold at around $13.86 million. The 11,000 square foot area is being rented by Garner while waiting for her under-construction house to be completed. The said mansion is close to Ben Affleck’s pad which is very suitable when it comes to co-parenting their kids.

Jennifer Garner Palisades House

It features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, airy-white colors, a fireplace, a walk-in closet, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a gym, and a sauna.

Jennifer’s Property at Brentwood

The actress seemed to have found a place she can eventually call home. Jennifer purchased a property at Brentwood Park, near the previous place she bought before her wedding with Ben, which costs $7.9 million. The under-contraction house is located near another well-known personality, the NBA champion LeBron James.

Jennifer Garner Upcoming Brooklyn Property

Privacy wise, the whole property is completely invisible from the outside. The house is hidden behind walls and pine trees. This is perfect considering she cares about her child’s privacy from every paparazzi.

Early Life

Born on April 17, 1972, in Houston, Texas, Jennifer Anne Garner is one of the three daughters of William John Garner (a chemical engineer) and Patricia Ann English ( an English teacher). By the age of 3, their family moved to Charleston, West Virginia. The sisters grew up under their dad’s conservative parenting. She said that they were not allowed to wear makeup, dye their hair, pierce their ears, or paint their nails.

Jennifer in her young age

Garner was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and was given medication to take Ritalin, which she continuously uses until this point. She was enrolled at Denison University in Granville, Ohio back in 1990. This is where she became a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and Jen also shifted her course from chemistry to theater. Moving forward, she was able to graduate in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater performance.

Height and Body Stats

Jennifer Garner stands in 5 foot 8 inches and weighs 134 pounds. Her hair color is dark brown whereas her eyes are hazel colored.


Her Marriage with Scott Foley

Jennifer and Scott

The two met on the set of Felicity back in 1998 where Garner had a guest appearance on the show. They got married in October of 2000 and sadly they got separated by March of 2003. In her 2013 interview with Allure, Garner recalls their relationship by saying: “We were full-on grown-ups, but looking back I’m aware we did not know what hit us. … We didn’t have a shot. He’s a really good guy, and we just imploded.

The Michael Vartan Relationship

Garner and Vartan played the on-screen love team of Sydney and Michael from the show Alias. This on-screen chemistry later turned into a reality when they became a couple back in August 2003 which ended in 2004.

A Decade of Relationship with Ben Affleck

Jennifer and Ben

Considered by the public as the-one-that-got-away situation (which pertains to Jennifer getting away from Ben). The two first met on the set of Pearl Harbor back in 2001. The second movie they starred in was in Daredevil (2003). The media is already seeing the chemistry of the two even though Jennifer is still married and Ben is still acquainted with Jennifer Lopez at the time. It is not until 2004 when Affleck and Garner made their relationship official.

They announced their separation in 2015 just a day after their 10th anniversary. A divorce was filed in 2017 which was finalized in 2018. Up until this day, their split is still considered one of Hollywood’s unfortunate could’ve would’ve should’ve relationships.

Post Divorce and Co-parenting the Kids

Even after their divorce, the two remained best of friends and they’ve been pretty good at co-parenting the children. The beautiful couple was blessed with great kids namely Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. The best thing about the ex-couple having a residence near with each other is the ability to switch tasks when it comes to their kids.

Jennifer, Ben and the Kids

After a couple of years, Jennifer proved that she still has Ben’s back when the actor went into some alcoholic problems and helped him out to go for rehab.

The Private Relationship with John Miller

It was in 2008 when it was revealed that the Elektra actress has been dating this businessman and attorney named John Miller. A source told Us at the time: “Jen brings out the best in John, and he is the happiest he has probably ever been. It’s a loving, healthy relationship.

John and Jennifer

 John as described by the media is the complete opposite of Ben, a simple man all-throughout. Their love story had been completely off the radar because of their private way of living it. Unexpectedly in August of 2020, the amicably couple broke up after a 2-year romance with rumors stating: “He was ready for marriage and she just couldn’t commit.

Movies & TV Shows

The Breakout Performance in Alias

Jennifer in Alias

Jennifer Garner stared her career mostly appearing in TV shows and most notable is her role in the TV series Alias. J.J. Abrams, the creator of the show, wrote the character of Sydney with Garner on his mind. No wonder why her performance attracted many accolades because of that.

One Day Shoot for Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Not only J.J. Abrams took notice of Garner’s talent but it also took Steven Spielberg’s attention when she was asked to play a role for the movie. Spielberg recognized Jennifer’s ability and had a thought in his mind that she will then become successful. The part only took one day to shoot and the director was pleased that she accepted the offer.

Her Marvel Movie for Elektra

A scene from Elektra (2005)

Almost everyone had forgotten that she once played a role for a Marvel movie and that is for Elektra which was released back in 2005. The movie is a spin-off from the movie Daredevil (2003) which starred Ben Affleck and also made a similar mess in the box-office and critic reviews. Despite putting a lot of effort into doing most of her stunts, it seems that the movie didn’t serve the audiences well at that time.

Her Comeback with Peppermint

Anyone else thought of a female Punisher? Well, that’s what Peppermint is in a nutshell. Released in 2018, Peppermint somehow signaled the return of Jennifer in action films. It may have not been received by the critics in a good way but the movie itself showcases Garner’s solid ability when it comes to tough movies. Hopefully, it’ll open doors for our lady here to be part of more action/thriller films in the future.

Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant?

Jennifer Garner

The online community, once again, went active when rumors about Jen’s pregnancy erupted the news headlines. The answer is a big NO. She responded to those rumors via Instagram saying: “I am 48, have three healthy kids, and am not—and never will be—pregnant. We can lay that pupper to rest.

Most Beautiful Woman

Jennifer for People’s Magazine

In May of 2019, Jennifer is crowned by People’s Magazine as the year’s most beautiful woman. Her physical gorgeousness isn’t the only thing that makes Jen beautiful. She’s a supportive friend, loving daughter, and a great mother to her kids, which is also recognized by Ben even after their divorce. Most of the people who knew her, it is her big heart that stretches out the beauty of this woman on a whole new level. This is the same reason why her fans love her and want only the best for her.

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