Roy Lee Pate Net Worth & Wiki

Roy Lee Pate Net Worth & Wiki

roy lee pate

Roy Lee Pate was an American comedian from Dallas. Recently, he died two weeks after being shot. Roy Lee Pate net worth is not available at the moment and is under review.

According to reports, Pate died after a blood clot from his foot traveled to his heart, and caused a massive heart attack. His death came two weeks after he revealed on his Instagram that he had been shot in the leg.

In that video he said “I fractured my leg bone, but I’m ok. Enjoy life and smile every y’all”.

Pate was in Paris, TX for his show at City’s Heritage Hall event center on Friday night and was reportedly scheduled to undergo surgery, but tragically passed away before it could take place.

Very little information is available about his personal life, relationship and many more but what we know is that he was popular among his fans. Many fans post heartfelt messages in social media sites.

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