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This is one lady whose name alone already prepared her for stardom. Who would think of naming their child such unexpected names? I tend to believe this is what you get when you have parents from different nationalities with big imaginations and dreams.  

Zazie Olivia was born in Charite-Mitte, Berlin, Germany, on June 1st, 1991.  She has both the American and German nationality attached to her name. She has a height of 5’6 in approximation with a weight of 55 kg and a pear type body shape. She is known or her brown hair and eyes. Her zodiac sign is then, without a doubt, a Gemini.

Zazie went to Harlem School of Arts and Fiorello H LaGuardia High School until 2009 where she graduated. She later went to Skidmore College to get her degree in the French Language, graduating in 2013. Her lower grade school has only been noted to be in Berlin when they were living there with the father.

 It later led to her staying in Paris for a whole year. This makes the total number of countries that she has lived in to be 3. Who could confess to having lived in that many numbers of states?


After school, she first started as staff at The Alexa Center at the H&M store. She, however, got fed up and realized that she had a higher calling to be an actress than working in an office. That is when she resigned and went on the acting search journey that she is still on today.

She then started her acting line of work back in 2013 in a short film Crocotta. Her interest in acting, however, started brewing from the time she has attended a school called Muscota New School that allowed her to perform in community theaters and local stages. A great actress that has been able to work with so many films over the years. Famous for the show Atlanta.

Zazie has been able to bag several awards including the Teen Choice Awards for her role in Dead pool 2 and Primetime Emmy Awards for her role in Atlanta in 2008. There are many more of her films and plays that she has acted in over the years. This is after a few of her notable roles in Easy: a TV series, in 2016-2017, Geostorm in 2017, The Beasts in 2014, Joker in 2019 and Lucy in the Sky in the same year.

Apart from the acting career, she has also decided to pursue a line of blogs that show her doing her DIY projects, including body butter and items like kambucha. This is, however, not her only closed-minded idea of work. She believes in diversity hence says that she is still trying to work around her label.

Severally she has spoken to the media showing interest in working with pregnant women as a doula. She says this is one of the things that she sees as being a very influential part of her life. The great love and care that these women have to give her great motivation to try and work on that line of career.

Zazie Olivia Beetz Net Worth Dead pool Teen choice awards
Zazie Olivia Beetz Net Worth Dead pool Teen choice awards


Zazie’s father: Thomas, happens to be a German cabinet maker who moved to the US in 1990 after the Berlin wall as brought down. Her mother: Michelle, is an African-American social worker based in New York. The parents separated when she was young, forcing her to stay most of that time in Berlin before she later moved to New York.

 She also happens to be the only child. It is this diversity that has made it possible for her to be relatable and down to earth compared to other actors in her field. It has also contributed to the fact that she still lives in Harlem with her family years after making it in the film industry. It is, however, a more convenient place for her considering that she is doing a lot of Hollywood based films.

There are some few things about Zazie that has often caught the eye of the camera. As per the current news, she is single with a lovely cat as her companion. It then clearly gives a car depiction of her love for the furry animals.

She also has a weird liking of posting videos of her eating on her Instagram page.  She has no fear of calories amounts like most of the other people who happen to always be on the limelight.

Despite the various rumors that have been going on about her, she has often opted to keep her love life very silent to the media. It was then proven to be a hard case to crack. But what is beyond the usual doubts is that David Rysdahl has made a tremendous impact on her according to their lovey-dovey posts on Instagram about each other.

Unlike most of the other Hollywood stars that go a long way in developing eating disorders, Zazie has no fear of that. She is spotted having real food when she is hungry every time. Her fitness regimes have helped in boosting her eating lifestyle too. She has been able to handle her food love with her workouts to maintain proper body weight and applicable BMI.

Net worth

Currently, her net worth is balancing on 1M to 2M according to various posts by notable sites. Her multiple roles in the many movies and TV shows has earned her the coveted mil-rating in 6 years, unlike most of the other people. It is, however, quite hard to put a specific pin on it because she has been said to be running so many different activities underwater. We, therefore, cannot come up with an absolute net worth value for her.

All we are sure of is that it will keep going up by the year with the many movies that she is continuously staring in.