Anthony Lewis Bellew, who is better known as Tony Bellew, is a British professional boxer. He has been a champion in multiple divisions including holding on to the WBC cruiserweight title as well being the former Commonwealth Lightweight champion of the world. Bellew’s boxing skills have also been highlighted in the hit Rocky franchise spin off called “Creed” where he is seen playing a supporting role.

Early Life

Bellew was born on 30 November 1982, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Bellew’s journey to the top of the boxing ring has not been an easy one. Growing up, he started from the very bottom in the boxing scene.

One of his earliest phases as a champion came by winning the ABA title in 2002. He would later win this novice title the following year as well which gave an impression to watch this young fellow in the coming days.


Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew

Bellew’s career officially started in a confrontation with Jamie Ambler. This was back in 2007 where Bellew would make a winning start. He would develop momentum early on during this phase by winning his next matches. This would go on well to the very next year where Bellew would extend his streak to 8-0. Bellew at this time was starting to make a name for himself and had beaten some tough competitors in the process including Paul Bonson, Hastings Rasani, and Phil Goodwin.

He would go on to boast of further wins with the likes of stars like Matthew Ellis, Nick Okoth, Jindrich Velecky, and Martial Bella Olem, that would help to extend his streak to 12-0. By this time, fans were awed when they heard of Bellew who blew everyone who had come in his sight. With his establishing a name among many boxing fans, Bellew started to get the opportunity to compete with some top boxers that would mean big money in the process.

One of these epic fights included the feud with Nathan Cleverly. The first of these fights was at his hometown in 2011 for the WBO Light Heavyweight title. Sadly, for Bellew, he lost this match. This confrontation would repeat three years later in 2014 where they faced in the cruiserweight division. To Bellew’s amusement, this time around he managed to beat Cleverly via split decision.

Bellew has had a fascinating career boasting of an amazing record of 30 wins, 2 losses, and one draw during his 33 matches in his career. Being such a star performer, Bellew has managed to make millions of dollars by doing what he loves to do, fight.

Tony Bellew Net Worth in Detail

As of 2018, Tony Bellew net worth is estimated to be $13 million. He has accumulated such a fortune through a lot of hard work in his career with a high proportion of this coming in the recent years. This is especially because of some blockbuster fights that he has had with one of the most intriguing ones being against Arch Rival David Haye.

The two heavyweights first entered the ring in 2017 and resulted in big money for both parties. Bellew sparked a big upset upon Haye, who was the favorite for the match. Bellew at the time was fighting at the cruiserweight division but shifted gears for this fight. The end result was that Bellew walked out of the fight earning a massive amount of £2.8 million.

His recent bout with Haye again resulted in Bellew winning the fight. Bellew knocked out Haye and also walked out of the fight with an estimate amount of £3 million. His popularity in boxing has even led him to be an actor as a boxer in the hit film Creed where he players the role of “Pretty” Ricky Conlan.

Tony Bellew Net Worth 2015$2 million
Tony Bellew Net Worth 2016$4 million
Tony Bellew Net Worth 2017$8 million
Tony Bellew Net Worth 2018$13 million


Personal Life

Bellew currently lives with his girlfriend Rachel along with their three children. Bellew, who is mixed race, is also a big Everton FC fan and even enters the same thing that plays in Goodison Park. Bellew has had an iconic career as a boxer and the Haye fight could well have been his last though he has not confirmed it yet. The man has done everything in his career.


Full Name: Anthony Lewis Bellew

Nickname: The Bomber

Date of Birth: 30 November 1982

Age: 35

Born Place: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 189 cm

Net Worth: $16 million