Eddie Hearn is a boxing promoter that has revolutionized British boxing. He is also a group managing director of Matchroom Sport and also a director of the Professional Darts Corporation.

Eddie Hearn net worth is estimated to be around $6.5 million.

Eddie Hearn Height and Age

Standing at 6 feet and 5 inches (or 1.96m), Eddie Hearn is currently 39 years old.

Eddie Hearn Dad

Edward “Eddie” Hearn was born on June 8, 1979, in Essex, UK to Barry Hearn and Susan Hearn. He only has one sibling: a sister named Katie.

While what his mother Susan does for a living is unclear, his father Barry Hearn (find out Barry’s net worth), in contrast, is a chartered accountant turned sporting events promoter. Barry had a genuine passion for sports that made him miss the birth of Eddie Hearn but it made Matchroom Sport, a sport events promotions company he founded, last through decades.

Eddie Hearn grew up in a Georgian style architecture mansion, Brentwood Mansion, that has been converted into the Matchroom Mansion. Despite being a “silver spoon kid” due to the incredible success of his father, he didn’t grow up like one of the usual rich kids. His father sent him to a public school in Essex where he didn’t excel in academics but was preoccupied in playing lots of sports. Additionally, his father began taking him to the gyms and shows at age 12 as part of schooling him on the family business. This brought distress to his mom but this help instills his father’s work ethic and competitiveness which is how they run the business. By age 17, he was selling sponsorships at fight magazines. Eddie Hearn also spent some time as a boxer due to his father’s involvement in boxing. This made it difficult for him to find another hobby and enthused him into being an amateur boxer for some time. He became a telemarketer for Weatherseal in Romford after leaving the ring. After a few years, in the year 2000, he eventually joined his father’s company, Matchroom Sport, a sports promotions event company

Eddie Hearn Career in Matchroom Sport

Eddie Hearn utilized his background in sports marketing by starting on the golf side of Matchroom Sport. He represented golfers on PGA and European tours. When he stopped focusing on golf, he saw the potential for online poker and online gaming which led him to create TV events for it.

During the World Series of Poker, he met Audley Harrison whom he thought will be great for the Prizefighter Series. He set him up to fight with David Haye. Eddie Hearn ensured that fighters are compensated fairly by giving them a cut from the television revenue. So, it led him to get more than his first three signings: Darren Barker, Kell Brook, and Carl Froch.

As Matchroom brought back boxing, Eddie Hearn rightfully earned the group managing director position.

One of Boxing’s Most Influential Figures

Barry Hearn has paved the way for Eddie to be at the forefront of English boxing promotions. However, Eddie Hearn, as you can infer above, is the one who innovated on his own. He stuck to his principle of entitling fighters to TV revenue and utilized his sleek promotional skills. A sold-out Wembley Stadium with a 90,000 live audience and a pay-per-view audience in over 140 countries witnessed Anthony Joshua defends his IBF world heavyweight title against Wladimir Klitschko on April 29, 2017. It was one of the biggest fights in British boxing history and has brought back boxing to the masses.

Memorable nights have made him become synonymous with boxing. Plus, the big names in boxing: Anthony Joshua, Carl Froch, and Tony Bellew are under the management of Matchroom Sport. As a boxing promoter, his market share is roughly 68% of ticket sales in 2017 which is a remarkable dominance in British boxing in spite of having Frank Warren, a fellow British boxing promoter, as his rival.

Personal Family Life

Despite being in the limelight in the United Kingdom, details about how he met and wedded his wife, Chloe Hearn, are unknown. His wife is a co-owner of Chloe’s Beauty Bar in Brentwood, a one-stop shop for beauty treatments.

He has two daughters named Isabella and Sophia who normally has him up by 7 AM. When he isn’t busy with boxing deals, he doesn’t jeopardize his family responsibilities. So, at times, he leaves early to pick up his children by 3 PM. He also does his part in attending events that are important to his family

Eddie Hearn Charity Work

Haven House is the charity organization of Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) to which Eddie Hearn is director. It provides specialist care for children and up to age 19 who have a limited life span due to life-threatening conditions and are unlikely to reach adulthood. Different range of support is given to families from health care to services that are designed to improve emotional wellbeing.

Eddie Hearn gets to add to the £150,000 that PDC has been raised by running in The Virgin Money London Marathon. He has exceeded his target £2,000 by securing £5,544.20 from 100 supporters.

Eddie Hearn Net Worth 2019

Eddie Hearn net worth has grown significantly over the years. With Matchroom Sport’s portfolio headlined by boxing, revenue has been increasing quickly. Their portfolio also includes other sports such as darts and snookers.

  • July 2014 to June 2015: £34 million revenue
  • July 2015 to June 2016: £70.5million revenue
  • July 2016 to June 2017: £100 million revenue

Eddie Hearn net worth includes 2000 shares in the limited company according to reports

In May 2018, Matchroom signed an agreement, the first boxing billion-dollar (£740 million) deal, with streaming giant DAZN. 16 shows will be staged in America and will be streamed exclusively on DAZN. Meanwhile, 16 of his UK shows will also be shown on DAZN. All those shows will be shown per year over the span of eight years.  This means around £92.5m per year with a £5.7m to spend on each of the 16 US shows per year.

Eddie Hearn has also collaborated with Sky Sports to show 25 live broadcasts until 2021. He is also looking into e-sports for boxing since younger fans consume sport differently.

Eddie Hearn net worth is estimated to be more than USD 20 million (£15.7 million).